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The Refrigerant Oil Company Pty Ltd warrants all PAOIL Series Lubricants to be free from defects in material and workmanship under normal use and service for a period of one year from date of original installation.

PAOIL’s obligation hereunder shall be limited to replacing oil and or compressor componentry following an independent examination by a PAOIL approved inspection facility, provided the components have not been subject to any accident, negligence, alteration, abuse or misuse.

Our obligation does not provide for service calls from factory representatives or from any other agencies and shall not include reimbursement for labour charges incident to removal of any components or the reinstallation of same.

PAOIL will not be held responsible for any costs relating to freight, or independent examination and testing of componentry until such time as the reported failure is deemed to be due solely to our product.

PAOIL guarantees that all PAOIL Series lubricants are produced from quality evaluated materials and blended in accordance with the PAOIL standards including quality and compliance checks at each stage of manufacture. PAOIL has no control over individual applications or the condition of systems into which the product may be introduced. All PAOIL Series lubricants are supplied in good faith in the belief that they fully meet the specifications supplied by our company. It remains the responsibility of the user to ascertain that PAOIL Series lubricants are suitable for each application. PAOIL gives no other warranty or guarantee nor implies any such warranty, except as may be required under any law.

In the result of our product being deemed the cause of failure.

PAOIL will assume freight charges to port of export within Australia and will not be responsible for international freight, customs fees, taxes or duties at the country of destination. PAOIL will accept freight prepaid and return same prepaid to the sender within Australia. In the event that PAOIL establishes sales and service organisations outside Australia, then the point of shipment of replaced oil, at PAOIL’s option, may be made from this location with freight charges assumed to the point of export from whatever country in which a sales and service organization is established. This warranty is in lieu of all other warranties and obligations. In no event will PAOIL be responsible for either lost or spoiled product nor loss of business.


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